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Sippin Syrup

Sippin Syrup, the anti energy drink is a great tasting relaxation dietary supplement. Made with a balanced proprietary calming blend of natural extracts.

Sippin Syrup is designed to promote a state of extended relaxation and help slow your roll. Each bottle contains a suite of essential B vitamins & Zinc.


Brownzzz are delicious, soft, chewy, dense chocolate brownie like dietary supplements infused with a proprietary blend of natural extracts.


Ease your stress and allow your euphoric thoughts to flow. Each kloudzzz is individually wrapped and infused with 50mg Delta 8. Kloudzzz is the newest brand to join its sister brands Sippin Syrup & Brownzzz.

kloudzzz - Warning THC! ^8 Hemp Extracted 0.3% ^9 Must be 21 years or older to purchase and/or use.

(All Products) Consult a physician before use. Do not combine with alcohol drugs or medications. Do not use if pregnant, nursing or have any health conditions. May cause drowsiness. Do not operate a motor vehicle or heavy machinery. May have a delayed effect. Keep out of reach of children & pets. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. May have delayed effects 1- 2 hours after ingesting.


Katalyst Beverage Corp. founded in 2009 located in Pleasantville, NY. We are the manufacturer of Sippin Syrup, Brownzzz, and Kloudzzz Brands sold to distributors & retailers nationwide.

We are a leading company providing proprietary relaxation products. Also consider our energy brownzzz as a tasty energizing alternative when you need a blast of energy.

Sippin Syrup, is a great tasting relaxation dietary supplement drink. Made with a balanced proprietary calming blend of natural extracts that help you slow your roll. With 5 awesome flavors including our sugar free Blue, each 20oz. bottle contains a suite of essential B vitamins and zinc. It's the Anti-Energy Drink.

Lil Sips provide an alternate solution as a quick relaxation 2oz one serving shot! Chaotic travel, delayed & canceled flights? Lil sips are your travel companion solution to tame the anxiety of todays travel.

Brownzzz are deliciously soft, 4 oz. chewy chocolate brownie-like dietary supplement offered in several varieties!

½ baked brownzzz are powered by Sippin Syrup’s proprietary calming blend offering a delicious option for relaxing and relieving stress.

Kana brownzzz are infused with Sippin Syrup's calming blend plus 25mg of full spectrum hemp for a next level chill.

Energy brownzzz are a tasty pick me up, recharging you with an energy blast equivalent to a 16oz energy drink, in case you Need a Boost!

Kloudzzz are our 50mg Delta 8 THC 1oz. edibles that come in two phenomenal flavors. Kryzpy Kloudzzz are a sweet vanilla and melted marshmallow rice Kloud that helps relax and unwind. S’mores Kloudzzz, melted marshmallow mixed with s’mores cereal, melted and infused with 50 mg of Delta 8 are a not so traditional twist on a campfire classic.


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